Best Mole Removal Treatment in Vancouver & Burnaby

Mole Removal Treatment in Vancouver & Burnaby

Looking for laser mole removal treatments in Burnaby? Look no further. Orchid Skin Care offers surgical and laser removal services. We remove unwanted spots on your body including but not limited to red spots, birthmarks, and skin tags among others. Besides Burnaby, we serve our patients from other areas like Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Mole Removal in Vancouver & Burnaby

As we age, different types of growth may appear on our skins. These include moles, skin tags, and cherry angiomas among others. At Orchid Skin Care, we have experienced dermatologists who will offer you the best and safest mole removal treatment in case you decide to have them removed.

What Are Moles?

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Moles are very common growths on your skin. Contrary to popular opinion, moles can appear on your skin regardless of age. Some people are even born with them although this is not common. Typically, moles are brown or flesh-colored. The experts at our clinic will carefully assess your skin and offer a mole removal therapy depending on the size of the mole and where it is located.
Moles are not supposed to have asymmetrical shapes, irregular borders, or dark colors. They are also not big and are typically smaller than 6mm. If the moles on your skin display any of the aforementioned characteristics, you could be dealing with cancerous moles. We highly recommend a visit to our Burnaby clinic so your skin can be thoroughly examined by a physician.
DO NOT under any circumstances try to have your moles removed in a salon or spa. This is a sensitive procedure that requires a correct diagnosis. Only a qualified physician should perform any mole removal on your skin to reduce the risk of scarring. That is what we do at our Burnaby clinic.

What Sets Us Apart

Will Mole Removal Hurt?

Well, that largely depends on the size of the mole.
If the mole is large, then it is likely you will feel a stinging sensation on your skin. However, if a doctor thinks that removal is going to be hurtful, then we are going to administer an injectable, local anesthetic. This way, the procedure will be painless. Our experts will offer you aftercare routines after the mole removal procedure.

Disclaimer: mole removal procedures can vary from one patient to another. Please contact us today and book a consultation with one of our skin specialists. We will be happy to assess your skin and advice accordingly.


Moles are small, dark growths on the skin that are caused by an overgrowth of pigment cells. They are usually brown or flesh-colored and can be flat or raised.

There are a few reasons why you might want to remove your moles. Some people remove moles for cosmetic reasons, while others remove them because they are concerned about the possibility of skin cancer.

There are two main types of mole removal treatments: surgical removal and laser removal. Surgical removal is the most common type of mole removal and involves cutting the mole out of the skin. Laser removal is a newer type of mole removal that uses a laser to destroy the mole.

The best type of mole removal treatment for you will depend on the size and location of the mole, as well as your individual preferences. If you have a small mole that is in a visible location, you may want to consider surgical removal. If you have a larger mole or a mole that is in a difficult-to-reach location, you may want to consider laser removal.

The amount of time it takes to remove a mole will vary depending on the size and location of the mole, as well as the type of mole removal treatment that is used. Surgical removal typically takes about 30 minutes, while laser removal typically takes about 15 minutes.

The risks of mole removal are generally very low. However, there is always a small risk of infection, bleeding, and scarring.

Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to care for your skin after your mole is removed. You will typically need to keep the area clean and covered with a bandage. You may also need to apply antibiotic ointment.

The amount of time it takes for your skin to heal after your mole is removed will vary depending on the size and location of the mole, as well as the type of mole removal treatment that is used. Most moles will heal completely within a few weeks.


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