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Hemangiomas are a type of growth on your skin that appear as reddish/purple lumps. It is a type of vascular birthmark (originating from cells of blood vessel walls). The growths are most common among babies and infants although adults can also have hemangiomas. Statistics indicate that 75% of people aged 75 have cherry hemangiomas.
If you are looking to rid yourself of hemangioma, Orchid Skin Care offers the best hemangioma treatment Burnaby BC.
Granted, hemangiomas are typically harmless and will disappear over time. However, some may require medical attention if they cause bleeding, ulceration, or depending on where they are located on your body, are causing breathing, hearing, or vision problems.

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What Experience Do the Doctors at Orchid Skin Care Have?

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The physicians at our clinic are highly experienced and are leading providers of hemangioma treatment and related skin conditions. We use laser therapy as our main treatment therapy although we work closely with surgical and medical specialists as well. We use the latest laser treatments with our clinic utilizing over 50 lasers in the treatment of hemangioma.
You can rest assured that your health will be in the hands of experts. Customer satisfaction is one of our main pillars and we can assure you of positive outcomes. This is what has made us the leading hemangioma treatment center in Burnaby and its surroundings.
We have hemangioma treatment solutions for infants, children, and adults whose hemangiomas have refused to go away. Visit our clinic for more information.



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Should Laser Therapy Be Used on Children?

Small hemangiomas typically disappear within a few years and may therefore not require any medical intervention. However, if the hemangioma on your child is a cause for cosmetic concern, then laser treatment is recommended.
If hemangiomas ulcerate, laser treatment will quicken its healing and improve the appearance of the skin. Our specialist will meet you at our clinic to discuss the most appropriate hemangioma treatment for your child.
As is usually the case with other skin conditions, the number of treatments largely depends on the individual. This includes age, the position of the hemangioma, and its severity.
Small vascular lesions like cherry angioma only require 1-2 treatments. However, bigger hemangiomas might require several treatments for the best results. Our skin specialists will help you determine the best treatment schedule depending on your needs.


A hemangioma is a type of vascular birthmark that appears as a reddish/purple lump on the skin. It is most common in babies and infants, but can also occur in adults.

Hemangiomas are usually painless, but they can sometimes cause bleeding or ulceration. They can also be unsightly, which can lead to psychological problems in children.

The exact cause of hemangiomas is unknown, but they are thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Hemangiomas can occur in anyone, but they are more common in babies and infants. They are also more common in girls than boys.

Hemangiomas are usually diagnosed by a doctor during a physical exam. In some cases, a biopsy may be necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

Hemangiomas usually go away on their own within a few years. However, some hemangiomas may require treatment. Treatment options for hemangioma include laser therapy, surgery, and steroid injections.

The risks of hemangioma treatment vary depending on the type of treatment used. Laser therapy can cause bruising and swelling. Surgery can cause scarring. Steroid injections can cause side effects such as weight gain and mood changes.

Hemangioma treatment is available at many medical clinics and hospitals. You can also find hemangioma treatment specialists at some dermatology clinics.

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